Horizon Academy Sendai Campus

Horizon Academy Sendai Campus

School Bus

Our bus routes cover most of Sendai's central area. Routes are arranged as new students are enrolled. Also there is a bus after 6pm for daycare users.

Operating Days

Route Bus Name Operating Days
Regular Route AM Bus On school days, during summer school weeks (*1)
PM Bus
Daycare Route DC Bus after the afterschool daycare hours on school days, during summer school weeks and also in the morning and night on full-day daycare days. (*2)
  • (*1) The PM bus departs school 1 hour earlier than usual during summer school weeks.
  • (*2) Daycare users will use DC route bus in the morning and at night on full-day daycare days.

School Arrival/Departing Time

AM Bus Arrives at school around 8:20
PM Bus Departs school at 15:40 (*14:40 during summer school weeks)
DC Bus Departs school at 17:40


Regular Routes

Route Name Area Map
West Itsutsubashi, Katahira, Omachi, Bansuido, Sendai Kosei Byoin Area, Kimachi, prefectural road #264 Map
East #1 Tsutsujigaoka, Nijunincho, Nakakecho, Kakyoin, Honcho, Atago Kamisugi Dori, Tsutsumi Dori Amemiya Machi, Kita Sendai, prefectural road #22, Sagigamori, Yaotome, Izumi Chuo, Shogen Map
East #2 Oroshimachi, Rikuzen Haranomachi, prefectural road #8, Kanisawa, Dainohara, Asahigaoka, prefectural road #22-37, Kamiyagari, Izumi chuo Map
Tomiya Osawa, Akashi Minami, Akashidai, Narita, Ohshimizu, Akeno Daira, Hiyoshidai, Takanomori, R4, Shogen (13-chome), Katsura Map
Ayashi Takanohara, Ayashi, R457 - prefectural road #37, Minami Yoshinari, Kunimigaoka (Seiryo JH area), Nakayama, Kawadaira, Chomeigaoka Map
Nagamachi Taishido, Asuto Nagamachi, Taihakku, Atagobashi, Itsutsubashi, R286, Kimachi, Higashi Katsuyama, Kamo Map
ELC Only Bus Itsutsubashi, R286, Sendai Kosei Byoin Area, Kimachi, Mizunomori Map

Daycare (DC) Routes

Route Name Area Map
DC West (from School) Sakuragaoka, Kimchi, Sendai Kosei Byoin Area, Bansui Dori, Katahira, Itsutsubashi Map
DC East (from School) Izumi Chuo, Yaotome, Asahigaoka, Dainohara, Kita Sendai, Tsutsumidori Amemiya Machi, Atago Kamisugi Dori, Honcho, Kakyoin, Nijunincho
  • Daycare route is designed for daycare members.
  • Daycare members use one of the regular route school buses on school days.


Plan Reserved Bus When you can use Fee (Annual)
One-way Either AM Bus or PM Bus Regular school days only 84,000JPY
Round-trip AM Bus and PM Bus Regular school days only 120,000JPY
DC One-way Either AM Bus or DC Bus All days (*1) 105,000JPY
DC Round-trip AM Bus and DC Bus All days (*1) 150,000JPY
One-time use (*2) ¥500/回
  • The school bus fee can be paid in three installments with other school fees (tuition, maintenance fee and daycare membership fee). Due dates for each term are;
    - Term 1: March 12
    - Term 2: August 12
    - Term 3: December 12
  • "DC One-way" and "DC Round-trip" plans are only for daycare members.
  • (*1) "All days" are both school days and dull-day daycare days.
  • (*2) In case a student changes their reserved bus, route or bus stop, these changes are treated as "one-time" use. One-time users will be charged for their school bus use every month. (500JPY/time)
  • Only designated school bus routes and bus stops are available for one-time use. We don't set up school bus stops for one-time users.