Horizon Academy Sendai Campus

Horizon Academy Sendai Campus

Summer School

Our aim is to provide children a fun learning environment where they can practice and develop their knowledge and skills they are learning in their schools while building new friendships with their peers and teachers from different countries during the summer time.

The program is for both Horizon and non-Horizon students.
The latest program information and summer school student recruitment information/schedule is usually available in May.

Summer School 2022


Schedule Week 1: 2022/07/25 (Mon) - 2022/07/29 (Fri)
Week 2: 2022/08/01 (Mon) - 2022/08/05 (Fri)

*Weekly Sign Up
*Each week has an individual theme.
Age Week 1: Preschool - Grade 6
Week 2: Preschool - Grade 6
Hours ELC Class (Preschool - Kindergarten) 8:45 - 2:15 pm
Primary Class (G1-6) 8:45 - 2:30 pm
*Daycare hours: dismissal ~ 6:00 pm (6:30 pm if extended daycare)
Classes 2 ELC Classes
2 Primary Sports Classes
2 Primary STEAM Classes *Week 1 only

*The number of classes can be changed based on the number of applications.
*We will do class arrangements based on the birthday of the applicant.
*Number of students in each class will be less than 24.
* All the students must be toilet trained.
Fees 1 week Horizon 30,000JPY / Non-Horizon 40,000JPY
2 weeks Horizon 60,000JPY / Non-Horizon 80,000JPY

*Fee includes the insurance fee.
*Horizon daycare members can join the program for free.
Curriculum ELC Program
All activities are conducted in English. Our activities include elements of English conversation, theme based activities, art & craft activities, games, cooking, pool play if the weather permits.

Primary Sports Class
Main activity will be P.E. (in Japanese) There will be some theme based activities in English.

Primary STEAM Class
In the STEAM class, students will work on a variety of projects that encourage students to use their knowledge and skills in different subject areas.

*STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.
*P.E. teacher teaches a sports class in Japanese. Morning meetings and theme based activities of sports class and STEM class will be taught in English.

pointIconApplication Period

Horizon Students: 2022/05/30 (Mon) - 2022/06/15 (Wed)
Non-Horizon ELC Age students: We will start accepting applications after June 6th if there's any place available.

pointIconHow to Apply?

via the online application form