Horizon Academy Sendai Campus

Horizon Academy Sendai Campus


Features of Early Learning Centre

At Horizon ELC, Age 3-5 students are spending their school life all-in-English. (except 2 Japanese lesson hours in a week.)
The official name of ELC is Horizon Japan International School Sendai.
If you are looking for the information about Horizon Japan International School Sendai Aoba that is located in the central Sendai area, you can visit their page to find more about them.


Relaxed in nature

Our school is surrounded by beautiful nature. In summer children chase butterflies and hear the birds or insects chirping. In winter they run around in the snow while their cheeks and hands turn a rosy red. For the children every day is full of discoveries through play. We invite children to play with friends and have fun!

International Teaching Staff

By interacting with our teachers who come from various countries of different languages and cultures, children will discover and become interested in many experiences. These opportunities will broaden their horizons and also deepen their interest in their home country.

Developing English skills through English Immersion Education

Our school is not a place to study English language but a school where children learn many things using English in daily interactions. Through using English as a practical tool for communication, children will start learning English naturally from the words they need most. Children will use single words to communicate at first. Then they produce phrases and sentences through trial and error. English will not be “the language they have studied” but will be “a language of their own.”

Let’s work hard and play hard

A variety of themes are explored that access a wide range of students' interests, which stimulates their curiosity even more. Since daily activities are focused on developmental play and experiences, for children, each day is full of excitement and with expected and pleasant surprises.

A well-balanced education and growth

In early childhood education, it is very important to provide an environment where children can show well-balanced development. The daily activities in which children participate involve contents which promote children’s growth in various areas such as: communication and language, problem-solving and Math, the world around us, personal and social development, creativity, and physical development. We also value their sensitivity and interpersonal relationships as a base to build upon for their future growth.

Japanese language support

Japanese language support is provided when needed during all kinds of communication between home and school, including emails and parent-teacher conferences.


School Name Horizon Japan International School Sendai
Facility Type Unlicensed Daycare Facility
*Supervised by Sendai City
Subsidy Systems for Parents 1. Government Subsisdy (Up to 37,000yen/month)
In order to be eligible for this exemption, you must apply at your local municipal office and your "Need for childcare" must be approved.
In this case, proof of employment or other requirements must be met.

2. New Benefit System: Up to 20,000yen/month
This is for familiyes who are not eligible for the government subsidy stated above. Families who are living in Sendai-shi can use this subsidy system.
Ages Age 3-6 (Preschool to Kindergarten)
Classes Preschool, Pre K, Kindergarten
Capacity 24 students/class
Academic Year April - March
Term 3 terms a year (Term 1: April-July, Term 2: August - December, Term 3: January - March)
School Bus Optional
School Lunch Order lunch or bring lunch from home
Daycare Optional
Uniform Horizon Red T-Shirt, Half-pants, Inner Shoes
Other School Items Inner Shoes, Red/White Cap