Horizon Academy Sendai Campus

Horizon Academy Sendai Campus


We offer daycare service for those who need childcare after school and during long-term break.


On school days, during summer school weeks and on full-day daycare days during long-term break

*Service is not available on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, school closed days based on the school event calendar and days that the school principal decides to close the daycare service.

Open Hours

On school days (afterschool daycare) Dismissal ~ 18:00
On full-day daycare days 8:15 ~ 18:00
if use extended daycare ~ 18:30


1. Use as Daycare Member

  • Members can use Day Care service by paying an annual membership fee. (210,000JPY/year)
  • Daycare members can join the Summer School Program (2 weeks) for FREE.
  • School bus plan will be either "DC one-way" or "DC Round-trip" for daycare members.
  • There's a discount for afterschoo club fees if a student attends.

2. Use as one-time user

  • Day Care service can also be used by paying the daily fee.
  • Reservation needed in advance.
  • May not be available if the capacity is full.
  • Cannot use daycare service during summer school weeks. Parents need to apply for the summer school program to use afterschool daycare during this period.
  • In case a one-time daycare user uses a school bus, the bus usage is counted as one-time bus use and will be charged a one-time fee.

Fee Table

■ ~ March 31, 2022 (by the end of 2022-2023)
Daycare Member 210,000JPY/year
Non-Daycare Member Afterschool Daycare Use 1,000JPY/day
Full-day Daycare Use 3,000JPY/day
Extended Daycare 300JPY/time for both DC members and Non-DC members
■ April 1, 2023~ (from the year of 2023-2024)
Daycare Member 252,000JPY/year
Non-Daycare Member Afterschool Daycare Use 1,200JPY/day
Full-day Daycare Use 3,600JPY/day
Extended Daycare 360JPY/time for both DC members and Non-DC members

Day Care Activities

  • Day Care activities will mainly be based on free play.
  • There will be another snack time during after school hours.
  • Primary students have homework time during daycare hours.

Language during Daycare Hours

Depending on the supervising teacher, instruction language during daycare hours can be Japanese